Check out Melania avoiding Donald Trump’s hand

Check out Melania avoiding Donald Trump’s hand
Photo source: Melania Trump via Facebook

Melania Trump’s seeming repulsion at holding her husband’s hand at public events is now well known to political pundits and every day citizens alike. She has avoided touching the president’s hand with such frequency that people are no longer surprised — but it is amusing to many observers.

The first lady outmaneuvered Donald Trump again right around the time Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal claimed that she had an affair with him after he married Melania.

See the video supplied by ABC News that shows Melania Trump slyly moving her hand away just when The Donald makes an attempt to make contact.

You don’t need to have a connoisseur in body language reading anymore to decipher the chemistry between Melania and her husband.

Melania made it obvious to the world once again that she does not want the president to put his paws on her.

The first family touched down in Palm Beach, Florida. Despite the very warm, tropical weather, the first lady’s treatment of The Donald was as cold as an ice storm.

Melania Trump side-stepped his PDA attempts again in front of everybody, and you can see that clearly in the video.

No one is surprised at this point. It seems that the affair occurred when Trump was married to Melania for only about 12 months and they had just welcomed their son Barron into the world.

This is the second instance where a woman alleges she had sexual relations with The Donald in 2006. Stormy Daniels also claimed that she got with the president sexually and that he paid her handsomely in exchange for her silence on the indiscretion.

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