Houston sex offender strangles his fiancée’s sister

Houston sex offender strangles his fiancée's sister
Jason Farmer (Image Source: Houston Police Department)

There are varying degrees of really foul, no good, ratchet behavior that can be seen daily in the news. But every now and then a story comes out that makes you spit out your morning coffee in disbelief. The story of registered sex offender Jason Farmer, 34, of Houston is one such example.

Somehow, Farmer, a despicable piece of scum charged who had previously been charged with aggravated sexual assault and the continuous sexual abuse of a child and indecency with a child in 2015, found two women who felt he was suitable enough for sex and a dangerous relationship. Making the whole thing ratchet is the fact that the women were sisters and he was engaged to be married to one of them, while he was having a secret affair with the other one.

Last Thursday, Farmer and his fiancée’s sister Angela Montante met up at a local Americas Inn in Houston. The two enjoyed bottles of Sierra Nevada beer and had baby oil close by as they had sex. During the rough sex, Farmer stated he started to choke her as part of the kinky sex play. Montante began to panic but he did not stop, according to a statement to police. He said, “I wasn’t quick enough” and her body went limp and unresponsive. Farmer told police he freaked out and sat on the bed for a few minutes. He then got dressed, wrapped the body in a blanket and paid for another night at the room in cash, so it could not be traced back to him.

Farmer waited for almost 36 hours later before allegedly confessing to his fiancée that he was having sex with her sister and he killed her. He then led the police to the hotel room where the body was found. He has been charged with manslaughter and is being held without bond. An exact cause of death will be released pending autopsy results.

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