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How T-Pain blew $40 million and once had to ask for money to buy fast food

T-PAIN (Photo Credit: Joycelynn Okezie of JokezOnMedia for Steed Media Service)

T-Pain arguably changed the sound of hip-hop and R&B with his use of Auto-Tune during the mid-2000s. Starting in 2005, T-Pain released hits such as “I’m Sprung,” “I’m ‘n Luv,” and “Buy U a Drank.”

During his impressive run, T-Pain reportedly amassed over $40 million. However, he revealed that he lost most of his money and often had to borrow just to eat. In a recent interview with “The Breakfast Club,” T-Pain shared how he lost his fortune within a decade.

The Tallahassee-based artist said that he made a slew of bad investments and trusted the wrong people. At one point during his career, he did not have access to his bank account and allowed his financial managers to pay his bills.

T-Pain also revealed that he invested in several real estate properties that eventually lost him money. Moreover, T-Pain made several lavish purchases that ended up backfiring. He said he paid $1.2 million for a Bugatti and eventually had to return the car after it began to malfunction. When T-Pain returned the car weeks later, the dealer would only give him $800,000, causing him to lose $420,000.

T-Pain’s money issues became so bad that he had to borrow money to buy his kids Burger King.

After losing so much money, T-Pain decided to take control of his finances and is now back on track when it comes to building long-term wealth. He is currently touring and has a show on Fuse called “T-Pain’s School of Business.” The show takes a look at how innovative entrepreneurs got their start in business.