Multiple teams interested in signing Colin Kaepernick

Photo: A.R. Shaw
Colin Kaepernick (Photo credit: A.R. Shaw)

Colin Kaepernick may get a second chance in the NFL after all, but it’s not because of an act of fairness or kindness by the National Football League.

Multiple NFL teams are simply desperate for quality quarterbacks.

The NFL has announced it will hold a private workout with Kaepernick, 32, at an undisclosed location in Atlanta on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019. Commissioner Roger Goddell stated that all 32 NFL teams have been invited to attend or send emissaries to view the workout.

Despite the fact that 2019 has been a spectacular year for the NFL’s top QBs, it has also been disastrous for multiple teams whose signal-callers are injured and backups have proven to be inadequate.

Moreover, there are the teams whose uninjured starters are producing putrid results that stink in the nostrils of their fans, as in the case of Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Miami and Tennessee.

That is why multiple teams have reached out to NFL headquarters in New York to inquire about Kaepernick.

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