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Christian Keyes, Javicia Leslie break down season 2 of ‘The Family Business’

Christian Keyes, Javicia Leslie break down season 2 of 'The Family Business'
Javicia Leslie (L) Christian Keyes (R). (Photos provided by BET)

Carl Weber’s “The Family Business” premieres season 2 on BET+ on July 2. Six of the 12-episodes in season 2 will be available to stream, with the rest of the episodes to follow.

“The Family Business” is based on Weber’s bestselling crime-drama series, which centers around a family that owns and operates an exotic car dealership while also delving into illegal activities.

Javicia Leslie, who stars as Paris Duncan, and Christian Keyes, who plays her love interest, Niles Monroe, recently appeared on an episode of rolling out’s “AM Wake-Up Call” to share their thoughts on the show’s sophomore season.

What can fans of “The Family Business” expect this season?

Javicia Leslie: We [are] starting where we left [off]. We are like a Black mafia family in New York. With that, comes a lot of family drama. My character, Paris, is the youngest daughter and a brat. I got the family in a lot of trouble last season. We’re trying to dig ourselves out this season. We started a new drug called Heat, which is bringing in season rwo. Paris has found love with Christian Keyes’ character, Niles.

Christian Keyes: The dopest part is that our characters fall in love, but they really don’t know much about each other. Everything is great, but they fall in love without having an idea about who the other person really is.

How does it feel to be part of a project like this?

JL: It’s fun because the character can’t do wrong. It’s unfiltered, it’s violent, it’s dangerous. As a Black actress, we don’t often get these roles. We don’t get to be hitmen and still be sexy. To be able to play this is so much fun. I want to be a Black superhero or villain in a film or TV show.

Being Black in Hollywood, how important is it to push the need for diversity in all aspects of the industry?

JL: We need more amazing business-minded Black people who will get into this industry and start green-lighting more projects. Entertainment tells our story. It passes the message down. In order for our message to start changing, we have to create projects that show us thriving.

CK: In the near future, I want to be ready. I would like to be a superhero or villain. You have to do the work. I sit in the house four or five hours a day and I’m working on a show I just sold. I have a cool job and I’ll never change who I am. I choose to see everything as a blessing.

Christian, you have been very vocal when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement. Why is it important for you to be involved?

I have decided to lead with balance. I was at a protest yesterday because we want to take some of that $3 billion they are trying to give to the LAPD and have some of that allocated to community services. It’s important to continue to march, pass legislation, call on governors and state attorneys to get things done. We’re making some progress, but we have to continue to get things done. Every time I have to watch somebody die on video, it’s like experiencing PTSD. And I’m re-traumatized after the cops are able to go home and shop for Oreos. It’s a lot, but I’m here for the ride.

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