Victoria Randle shares the secret cocktail to running a business

CEO Victoria Randle
Photo courtesy of Victoria Randle

Victoria Randle, a nurse and entrepreneur, launched The Secret Cocktail® to help individuals and institutions start CNA and nurse’s aide training schools. A member of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, Randle shares how the program assisted in her company’s growth.

How did you come to be a part of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative?

I heard about it through an entrepreneurship network that told me about the incubator program, a 15-month long program that takes 15 women and shows them how to grow their businesses. We did have to pitch, but thank God they let me in. I have grown my business fourfold, I had two employees and now I’m up to nine.  

What did you learn about yourself when it comes to pitching?

I think it’s about the story. Making sure that people understand your story and how you got to where you are is a big piece of it, then when you have their heart in your hands you can lay the rest out. I think it’s important and people will understand your passion behind your business when you do. 

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