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Calvin Quallis is helping boost men’s confidence with his Scotch Porter line

Calvin Quallis is helping boost men's confidence with his Scotch Porter line
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Scotch Porter is a men’s grooming and wellness brand that was created by Calvin Quallis in his kitchen. These products are handmade with botanical infusions and provide a solution to hair and skin problems that his peers were experiencing in their neighborhood barbershop in Newark, New Jersey. The ingredients for these products have been carefully researched and are all-natural. Quallis is amplifying the importance of quality grooming products, health and wellness for men globally by making them affordable. Quallis was recognized by Ernest & Young as the Entrepreneur Of The Year® in 2020 for revolutionizing the way men shop for health and lifestyle products. Quallis  shared his process with rolling out.

How did you come up with idea to start your brand?

The brand started in a barbershop called Center Stage Cuts. I noticed an issue; customers were coming into the shop with very dry, frizzy beards and heads, and were predominantly African American and Hispanic. I was bored with [my] daytime desk job. It was decided that evenings and weekends I’d go home and learn everything I could about natural ingredients and botanicals. So, I started to craft our products in the kitchen on my own to solve the issues that I spotted at the shop. And that’s sort of how it took off.

How did you decide on the name?

At that time, I was an avid scotch drinker. I love scotch and Gregory Porter [is] a musician that I think has an amazing, phenomenal voice. So, it was inspired by some of the things that I love.

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