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Vivica A. Fox shares with fans her reasons for never bearing children


Vivica A. Fox (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Vivica A. Fox could be the first to tell you that Black doesn’t crack, and not having children might be one of the reasons why.

In a recent interview posted on TikTok, the 57-year old actress was asked by a fan during a live Q&A if she ever thought about adopting a child to leave behind a legacy.

“Girl, I’m 57,” Fox said in response. “I’ve got six god-babies. Don’t think that because I didn’t birth children that I don’t have children. I have six god-children. I do not feel less fulfilled as a woman. All I have to do is spend an afternoon with them.”

Fox went on to talk about her love for children, but how she never found the right person to have them with.

“I love children,” she asserted. “Please do not get me wrong, I absolutely love children. In my life, it was career or children, and I never met the man I could have children with.”

We can’t say that Fox chose the wrong path, as she’s been nominated for numerous awards throughout her acting career.

There are some women that embrace the auntie role in their lives and Fox sounds like she’s having fun doing just that.


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