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Why tourists think Houston is a ’10-out-of-10′ city to visit

Why tourists think Houston is a '10-out-of-10' city to visit
Erykah Shelton, of Montgomery, Alabama, at the Houston Rockets game. (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Rolling out reporters were walking through the concourse of a Houston RocketsMinnesota Timberwolves game when they run into Erykah Shelton and Kimmesha Anderson. The two young women are from Montgomery, Alabama and are visiting Houston, Texas for their cousin’s 24th birthday.

Rolling out spoke with the family members about why they like Houston so much.

What do you think of Houston compared to Montgomery?

Erykah Shelton: The city, the culture, coming from Montgomery, it’s actually fun.

Kimmesha Anderson: It’s a vibe.

ES: Ever since we’ve been here, we’ve been having so much fun, doing different things, getting different foods and going to different clubs. We’re just having so much fun in the city, and we’re glad we can come down here for my cousin’s 24th birthday.

How’s the Black community here?

KA: They’re different like they’re lovable, they come up to you.

ES: It’s different, but we see a lot of Black people. A lot of people come up to us, a lot of people have been talking to us, being very kind to us. We’ve seen a lot of Mexicans, but we’ve seen a lot of Black people, also. Everyone is just friendly.

Good vibes. Houston is the best, literally. I’ve had fun since I touched down here.

I imagine you go to Atlanta often since you’re only two hours away in Montgomery?

ES: Yes, sir.

Where does Houston rank on your favorite cities to visit list?

ES: Houston’s rank is a 10 out of 10.

KA: We advise everyone — to come to Houston.

ES: It’s lit, it’s fun. I can’t lie, it’s the best. You won’t regret it. Everything is a 10 out of 10. From the time we got here to now. Everything’s been fun … literally.

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