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Joe Budden claims Chris Brown is ‘way more talented than Michael Jackson’

Joe Budden claims Chris Brown is 'way more talented than Michael Jackson'
Rapper and podcast host Joe Budden (Image source: YouTube/Joe Budden TV)

Hip-hop star and media personality Joe Budden flipped Twitter upside down when he stated his belief that singer Chris Brown is “way more talented than Michael Jackson.”

The New York-born Budden, the founder of the “Joe Budden TV” show on YouTube, was doubling down on a controversial Twitter post made by Ryan Clark, a former NFL star and co-host of arguably the most popular sports podcast, “Pivot.”

Clark is a renowned analyst on ESPN for his ability to eloquently break down complex NFL schemes. But when he made remarks about CB and MJ, folks said he sounded like a fool.

Predictably, and quickly, Twitter fans found Clark’s utterance utterly blasphemous and proceeded to swarm over him like locusts. Nevertheless, a stoic Clark remained unbothered by the punishment he incurred on the social media site, and even doubled down on his sentiments.

Budden got shoved into the blender when he emphatically backed Clark — and then took it even further: “Chris Brown’s way more talented than Michael Jackson, like not even close!” Budden said on his show. 

One of Budden’s two co-hosts followed up by saying: “I love Ryan Clark, but this is a terrible take,” he said while cackling. 

Budden, however, persisted and said Clark is right. “It’s just that when you see certain names mentioned, it’s like ‘how dare you’ that’s all. They’re not really thinking.”

Budden then asked a person off-camera why they disagreed, exclaiming:

“Why you disagree with that? ‘Cause Mike is Mike and he’s the GOAT? And he’s the greatest to ever do it?

Listen to Budden sounding off on the subject below:

YouTube video

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