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Rapper Lil Scrappy to get in ring with pro wrestler Baron Black

The wrestler talked about the upcoming match against the ‘Knuck If You Buck’ rapper
Rapper Lil Scrappy to get in ring with pro wrestler Baron Black
AEW wrestler Baron Black (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Baron Black is living out his childhood dream.

An All Elite Wrestling athlete who nabbed his first professional win in his hometown of Atlanta at the end of July, his next opponent is someone he was very familiar with growing up, rapper Lil Scrappy.

The match is the headliner for Battle Slam’s The Takeover at 8 p.m. on Aug. 7 at the Oasis Event Center in Atlanta. Ahead of the match, Black stopped by rolling out to discuss the match and his early wrestling career.

What’s going on this weekend?

What’s going on this weekend is that the ATL legend himself is going to get in the ring and fight a future ATL legend in myself. And that is, of course, Lil Scrappy, the “Love & Hip Hop” star, and previously, the man who was part of the biggest era in Atlanta hip-hop, which is the crunk era, facing yours truly. The hometown boy from Atlanta, Baron Black, the pro wrestler on the rise, the name that you will get familiar with, trust me, within the next year or so. So that’s what’s going on with Battle Slam The Takeover this Sunday at Oasis Event Center on the south side. Hopefully, everybody will come and see what we got cooking up.

What was your favorite Lil Scrappy song or verse growing up?

Oh, man. First, we all love him on “Knuck If You Buck.” One of my favorites is “I’m a King” that was one of my favorite Scrappy tracks, man. He came on there, I think it was the remix he was on, I don’t think it was an original, but he came on and he snapped on there in the video with T.I. and all that. I love that song so much. That’s probably my favorite one.

Of course, I like “Head Bussa.”

Gangsta, gangsta, what you gonna do with Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys?

Trust me, I know, a lot of Scrappy’s catalog. I kind of like it all. I don’t really have a favorite line because he always has some good one-liners, man. But all those tracks, they’re in my playlist now. They’re gonna be in my playlist when I continue to work out this week to whip his a–. And [they will] be there a month later after I whip his a–, so it’s all going to be good.

When did you get interested in contact sports?

Man, since I was a kid. It comes off a little bit cliché, but it’s pretty much the truth. I think everybody at a young age took to contact sports, and more specifically, professional wrestling. I grew up watching it with my family, most importantly, my grandfather and the rest of my family, and I took a liking to it very quickly. As far as I can remember, even as a toddler [I] was a fan of professional wrestling. So I can’t really give you an age.

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