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MogulCon helps business owners navigate the metaverse

Phillips teaches women how to accelerate their business dream virtually
MogulCon helps business owners navigate the metaverse
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MogulCon has proven that they are not just another women’s empowerment brunch but is earnestly empowering women in business by providing resources to build their businesses to scale. On Nov. 3.  MogulCon took attendees on a trip into the metaverse at The Whitley hotel in Atlanta.

The event offered a video presentation of how companies are now adapting to what was once considered futuristic technology. Founder Felicia Phillips, PH.D. reminded us that the future is now.

“So often we let the bulk pass us because we are trying to wait and see what everybody else is doing. By the time we get on board, the real money has already been made and we are still trying to figure out how we fit in. Well, is it for me? Can I do it? Just get in there. Fail fast if you haven’t learned anything else,” Phillips said.

Following the video, Phillips and graphic designer Shannon Skipper-Green shared their work experiences and how it’s led them to take their businesses to the metaverse which includes utilizing NFTs or virtual reality. Attendees were also able to experience virtual reality firsthand with first-generation goggles provided by MogulCon. In the simulation, viewers were able to see a virtual store setup and access the brand without being physically at the location. This was an example of where businesses are starting to take their companies post-pandemic.

“You not experiencing or understanding virtual, you not knowing how to scan a QR code, how to use your phone to the maximum ability, what Bitcoins are, or what AR is the same as all of the SBA terminologies that they’ve had. That’s what we are talking about today in this virtual world,” Skipper-Green said.

Phillips encourages business owners to read her book An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Operating in a Virtual World for more information on how to help their businesses survive and thrive in the metaverse.

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