Affordable Black-owned skin care products to add to your Christmas list

How to get flawless skin without breaking the bank
Affordable Black-owned skin care products to add to your Christmas list
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During the colder months, the proper skincare products are essential to taking care of your skin. Although makeup can accent your beauty, for optimal results taking care of your skin will give you a more flawless finish.

It is no secret that skincare products can get expensive, but here are some affordable Black-owned skincare products to add to your Christmas list.

1. Body by TPH

This skincare brand owned by Taraji P. Henson is a popular staple in the Black community that promotes all things self-care. Shoppers can expect to have both shiny hair and glowing skin all season long.

2. Fenty Skin

Fenty Skin owned by Rihanna is a fan favorite when it comes to skincare. If you struggle with dark spots, their ‘watch your tone’ serum is sure to alleviate dark spots and add brightness to your overall undereye area. The brand also has a multitude of products for all skincare needs.

3. Black Girl Sunscreen

Not only does Black Girl Sunscreen encourage the use of sunscreen but also educates shoppers on the benefits of using it. Their ‘make it spice’ face lotion and body spray helps make skincare fun for the holidays. The creator Shontay Lundy makes it clear that black girls should wear sunscreen.

4. Keys Soulcare

Alicia Keys encourages skincare through her flawless natural look even when while performing or on the red carpet. Her brand is most known for the hydration of the skin and encourages shoppers to take care of themselves.

5. GlowRx Skincare

GlowRx Skincare created by Dr. Lorraine Beraho encourages millennials to invest in their skin for a dewy glow. She hopes to provide a solution for women of color who struggle with their skin. Since everyone’s skin is different, she combines technology, technique, and nontoxic ingredients for the perfect line of unique skincare products.

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