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2 young siblings create custom jewelry to express themselves

Vivian and Victoria Robinson are the creators of ViOri Designs
2 young siblings create custom jewelry to express themselves
Photo courtesy of McKenzie and Genetta Robinson

Vivian and Victoria Robinson are the creators of ViOri Designs, a company specializing in custom-made bracelets, earrings, and necklaces as well as custom-designed T-shirts, based in New Jersey. The two sisters, Vivian, 12, and Victoria, 8, started ViOri Designs back in 2020 when they were just nine and five years old.

The company name, ViOri Designs is a combination of their names, and the logo displays ‘ViOri’ designed in the hairstyle they wore when they were younger, two afro puffs.

Vivian spoke with rolling out about their business, and what it’s like working with your sister.

How did this venture begin for you all?

This started with our uncle. He passed away, but he’s still here in our hearts. We started this to create generational wealth, and he was teaching us about entrepreneurship and how to be your own boss. You don’t have to wait to be an adult, to start your own business, or to have a job. That’s nothing. Whatever you do off camera and what no one sees is what’s important.

What interested you in colors and designs?

I’ve loved jewelry and fashion since birth. I have been designing clothes since I was three years old, and Victoria has been designing clothes since she was five or six years old. I’m always playing with my mother and grandmother’s jewelry, and some of their pieces are from us. We’ve made some of their pieces that are in their wardrobes, and I love it. It’s an everyday thing.

What role does Victoria play in the business?

She has amazing ideas about our collections, what we do with our jewelry, and what to post on our Instagram as far as captions. She has a lot of good stuff.

Do you feel like you all are able to express who you really are with your designs?

Yes, all of these colors symbolize us because we are bright and energetic. We’ve always been told that when we walk into a room, our smile brightens up the room and lights up people’s faces. I am so glad that we do that because it makes me happy and it makes other people happy.

Where can people find you?

You all can find us on Instagram the @vioridesigns.

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