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These social media users share why they won’t have plastic surgery

The popularity of plastic surgery is at an all-time high
These social media users share why they won't have plastic surgery
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According to The Aesthetic Society, the average plastic surgeon performed 320 surgical procedures in 2021, compared to 220 in 2020, demonstrating that plastic surgery is a rising trend in the U.S. Studies indicate that the public bombardment with celebrity images and the pressure to look perfect, and the availability of body editing apps and facial filters on social media,may also contribute to the spike in plastic surgeries.

“I think social media influences our culture and it’s something that we see every day in front of us. So naturally, if you’re on the internet or going through your phone, you are looking at these celebrities and people that you consider to be perfect. You see their bodies and most of the people we consider to be ideal, they’ve had some sort of augmentation,” Dr. Nicholas Jones of Nip & Tuck Plastic Surgery stated.

Although a number of these procedures are for aesthetic purposes, some of these surgeries can also be for medical reasons. According to Very Well Health, cosmetic surgery started over 4,000 years ago in ancient India to correct facial injuries. In the early 20th century, the United States officially considered plastic surgery a medical procedure.

“So plastic surgery is to basically restore function and form, for an example, fractures to the face. Let’s say someone gets beat up, basically we put their face back together, including the bones, skin, and eyelids. [Another example is] kids with cleft lips and palates. If you look at breast reconstruction, let’s say a woman has breast cancer and has her breasts completely removed, plastic surgeons are involved in recreating breasts. So, it definitely has a more functional purpose than just cosmetic surgery, Jones added.

However, there are also a number of online users who express a number of reasons that some are not choosing to get plastic surgery.

Too expensive

“For me, plastic surgery isn’t worth the risk. There are so many horror stories of implants of BBLs going wrong. It’s more important to feel good on the inside rather than just look good on the outside. Especially when there are so many alternatives to get the body you want naturally. Not to mention, it’s extremely expensive,” said DeJanee, 26.

It’s risky

“It’s not for me because I wouldn’t want any mishaps to happen with the results or my health. Also, if I were to get work done, on my body specifically, I would have to [maintain] it with working out. I [would] rather do my best to get my results naturally,” said Alexis, 28.

Depends on the use

“I blame men for the surge in women getting it done and making women feel like they aren’t good enough as God made them. Everybody is starting to look the same. Self-love is a problem for most because of social media and society. Plastic surgery should only be used to fix what was lost or damaged to injury, not vanity,” said Jason, 48.

“Plastic surgery is not for everyone but I’ve seen patients have their confidence restored after having surgery. In some cases it can change someone’s life,” Dr. Jones concluded.

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