Lil Nas X issues an apology to the transgender community for a transition joke

The rapper was met with backlash after joking with his audience about transitioning
Lil Nas X issues an apology to the transgender community for a transition joke
Lil Nas X poses with his plaques for the No. 1 Billboard single “Industry Baby” with producer duo Daytrip. (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Rapper Lil Nas X‘s is widely known for his music, his commentary and his troll jokes on Twitter. The “Old Town Road” artist found himself issuing an apology to the transgender community for previously posting a tweet about him transitioning to a woman. Nas X shared a tweet with a caption that read, “The surgery was a success, ” followed by a photo of a brown-skinned cisgender woman. Supporters instantly shared their remarks about how the tweet was insensitive, causing the rapper to go on the defense.

On Tuesday, March 14, he apologized for his actions and stated he reacted “out of anger.” He tweeted, “Apologies to the trans community. I def handled that situation with anger instead of considering why it was not cool. Much love to you guys. sorry.” Lil Nas X has since deleted his original tweet and responses to the initial backlash but didn’t hesitate to call out anyone who took issue with his initial post. He stated the image he shared emphasized how much the woman in the photo resembled him.

“Girl, eat my a—,” the rapper responded. One Twitter user suggested Nas X should use his platform to raise awareness of transgender issues instead of apologizing. The person responded, “You need to apologize to the trans community in material ways, including money, sharing your platform to raise awareness, and just keep it! This is fake as h—!”

Nas X is not new to Twitter jokes and clapping back at anyone against him. In 2021, he shared a tweet from South Dakota’s then Governor Kristi Noem, who criticized his controversial human blood sneakers, stating “You’re a whole governor and you on here tweeting about some d— shoes. Do your job!”

It is common knowledge that any backlash the rapper receives, he uses to his advantage to elevate his brand in controversial ways.

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