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How to master the art of layered nail polish for a custom manicure

Achieve a custom manicure with layered nail polish for a unique and sophisticated look, following expert tips for perfect results
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Unlock the secret to a personalized manicure with the layered nail polish trend. This technique involves applying one color over another to create a unique and sophisticated look. Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik and other experts share insights on achieving the perfect layered nail polish effect.

Prepping your nails: Begin with a proper manicure to ensure healthy nails. Groom the cuticles, buff the nail bed, and shape your nails. Avoid common mistakes like over cutting cuticles or over filing the nail bed.

Applying the base coat: A base coat is essential for protecting and strengthening your nails. It also provides a smooth canvas for the colored polish. Consider using products like Essie Strong Start Base Coat or OPI Stay Classic Base Coat.

First sheer coat: Start with a sheer base coat. Nude shades are popular for layering, as seen in the natural beauty trends of this year. A sheer buildable base will serve as the foundation for the layered look.

Layering the second coat: Choose a complementary color for the second coat. Options include pairing a milky white with a light shimmer or a nude base with silver glitter. Apply one to two coats of the second color and finish with a top coat for durability and shine.

By following these steps and choosing the right color combinations, you can create a custom manicure that stands out. Remember to let each layer dry completely before applying the next to achieve the best results.

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