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Boomers and millennials break down the fashion industry’s evolution

Explore the evolution of the fashion industry through generational perspectives
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The fashion industry, long known for its aspirational allure and exclusivity, is undergoing a transformation. With the rise of diversity and inclusion as key themes, the pandemic years have sparked a potential turning of the tides. To delve deeper into this evolution, we’ve engaged with a fashion-obsessed boomer and several stylish millennials to dissect the current state of fashion, personal style, and the industry’s future.

Challenges and changes in fashion

Shelton Boyd-Griffith, a 31-year-old freelance fashion writer, acknowledges ongoing issues within the industry, such as the lack of size diversity and the repetitive cycle of white designers in leadership roles. Despite these challenges, he recognizes a silver lining: fashion is becoming more accessible and mainstream, allowing for a broader range of voices and entry points into the industry. Boyd-Griffith also highlights the exciting developments in menswear and the growing conversation around sustainability.

Millennial perspectives on style and trends

Utibe Mbagwu, a millennial, shares her mixed feelings about self-expression through fashion in the age of social media trends. While her TikTok feed bombards her with the latest ‘cores,’ she believes that personal style remains authentic due to financial realities. Mbagwu sees trends as an opportunity to experiment, especially when paired with timeless pieces, and views the process of developing personal taste as a journey influenced by one’s environment and experiences.

A Boomer’s enduring love for fashion

Sonya Shields, a 60-year-old nonprofit executive, has a more optimistic view of fashion. Embracing the fantasy and innovation the industry offers, Shields celebrates fashion’s ability to enable personal expression through its boundless creativity. Her lifelong romance with fashion reflects a deep appreciation for the art form and its potential to inspire.

While the fashion industry faces its share of challenges, there is a collective acknowledgment of the need for improvement. Embracing Sonya Shields’ enthusiasm, we can find pockets of positivity in fashion’s evolving landscape and its layers of change. As the conversation continues, the industry’s future seems poised for a more inclusive and creative renaissance.

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