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Tim Cook admits Apple AI won’t be 100 percent accurate

The CEO says users will be able to save time with the new feature
Tim Cook
Tim Cook (Photo credit: Bang Media)

The tech giant’s CEO has opened up after the company — which is set to team up with ChatGPT — announced its plans for Apple Intelligence, and while he is “confident,” he won’t “claim” it’s totally error-free.

“It’s not 100 percent,” he said when asked by the Washington Post if he is confident the technology won’t “hallucinate.”

“But I think we have done everything that we know to do, including thinking very deeply about the readiness of the technology in the areas that we’re using it in,” Cook stated. “So, I am confident it will be very high quality. But I’d say in all honesty that’s short of 100 percent. I would never claim that it’s 100 percent.”

Cook noted he expects Apple customers to “save time” with Apple Intelligence, using Siri as an example.

“You can now have a conversation with Siri,” he added. He said it can perform essentially multiple steps with one request, whereas today it takes multiple requests for that to occur.

“Writing tools: I get so many emails, and I realize everybody’s not on email, but everybody writes,” Cook said. “And to have an assistant proofread to make things more professional or more entertaining — or whatever you want to do — is a big thing.”

He also opened up on the name, insisting it’s not a “riff off of artificial intelligence” despite the similarities.

“It seemed sort of a logical conclusion after looking at so many names,” Cook said. “At least for me, I can tell you it wasn’t a riff off of artificial intelligence. It was sort of calling it what it is. I’m sure a lot will be said about it, but it’s probably not as it appears.”

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