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Unlocking the skin care secrets of flaxseeds

Flaxseeds have taken social media by storm, with viral online videos claiming they are a superpower ingredient for skin care. But what’s the truth behind the trend? We consulted with skin experts to bring you the facts about flaxseeds and


The financial pros of a home equity line of credit

For many homeowners, a home is not just a place to live but also a significant financial asset. A Home Equity Line of Credit, commonly known as a HELOC, can be a strategic tool for managing large expenses. But what

red light therapy

Unlock the secrets of skin rejuvenation with red light therapy

Red light therapy is taking center stage in the quest for optimal skin health. This innovative approach to skin rejuvenation is not just about enhancing appearance — it’s about invigorating the skin from within. Understanding skin rejuvenation Rejuvenation in the


5 cooling comforters for restful sleep

Experience unparalleled comfort and uninterrupted sleep with these top-rated cooling comforters, designed to keep you cool and cozy all night long. If you’re a hot sleeper or simply looking to beat the heat, a cooling comforter can be a game-changer


How Detroit’s housing crisis is impacting residents’ health

In Detroit, where over half of the population rents, rising rents, poor living conditions, and systemic barriers to affordable housing are pressing issues. These challenges not only affect the quality of life but also pose significant health risks. The link


Biden-Harris: What happens to campaign funds if the ticket changes?

Vice President Kamala Harris has been a prominent figure in defending President Joe Biden after his troubling performance in the recent presidential debate, sparking discussions about her potential leadership if Biden were to step down. This situation raises questions about

Air Conditioning

Efficient summer cooling tips to save energy and reduce costs

As summer temperatures soar, a common response might be to crank up the air conditioning. However, Alabama Power advises against this, recommending adherence to the 20-degree rule for setting thermostats. This rule suggests setting your air conditioner no more than


Eyelash extension industry stalls amid economic shifts

The once-thriving eyelash extension industry is facing a downturn as consumers grapple with inflation and shift towards DIY beauty solutions. The industry, which saw a surge in popularity, is now under scrutiny as clients prioritize their spending and question the


The rise of lab-grown diamonds in the jewelry industry

The jewelry industry has witnessed a significant trend in recent years: the rise of lab-grown diamonds. These synthetic alternatives to natural diamonds have surged in popularity, with companies like Pandora and Brilliant Earth leading the charge. Despite their synthetic origins,


Discover the best running shoes for women

For both seasoned runners and beginners, the right running shoes are a game-changer. They provide essential support, cushioning, and shock absorption, protecting your feet and enhancing your performance. We’ve curated a list of top-rated running shoes from reputable brands that

Boxer Ryan Garcia suspended for 1 year after positive drug test

Boxer Ryan Garcia has been officially suspended for one year following an agreement with the New York State Athletic Commission. This decision came after Garcia tested positive for ostarine, a performance-enhancing drug, during his fight against Devin Haney on April

reading books outside

8 must-read books by Black authors for your summer beach bag

Nothing says summer like a good beach read. This season, we’re celebrating Black authors who have penned some of the most captivating books perfect for your summer relaxation. Here are eight books by Black authors that you should toss into

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