George Floyd and the fight for racial justice

After one of the most chaotic weeks in American history, I can say that I am extremely proud of Black people. The diligence, the resilience, the unity, and the overall outcry of support for the life of George Floyd has been so humbling, overwhelming, and satisfying to watch. This step toward justice was the result […]

How algorithms are transforming discrimination, part 2

Algorithms are sets of step-by-step instructions that tell a computer what to do. Algorithms can also be designed to learn by themselves instead of only following instructions. For example, pretend you want to write an algorithm that tells the search engine how to identify pencils. So you feed the algorithm data — millions of photos […]

How algorithms are transforming discrimination, part 1

Algorithms are everywhere. You rely on them every day to make countless important decisions. You hit the search button in Google, and the search engine filters through millions of webpages to find what you want. An algorithm — a set of mathematical rules embedded into the computer — is what makes this possible. Algorithms have […]

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