5 reasons a hair net is necessary for sew-in styles

Most weave-in hair stylists specializing in protective styles will make it clear that women need to have a hair net under their sew-ins. If you’re wondering what a hair net is, we’re definitely not talking about the ones that you’re high school lunch lady wore. The hair nets used for sew-ins are either nylon, polyester […]

4 things you may be doing to your hair that cause dandruff

Dandruff can be embarrassing. No one wants to see the telltale white flakes that signal a dandruff problem. However, many peoplesuffer from it without knowing why or how to cure it. We caught up with a couple of master cosmetologists at the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show to get their expert opinions on what can be causing the […]

6 reasons to get professional hair services each month

YouTube has become a platform for many artists to reach a fan base that they never thought possible. It has also made a lot of women stray away from professional hair services. Instead of visiting the hair salon, they rely on their favorite YouTubers for hair advice. But does anyone notice the important disclaimers that […]