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Yung Joc reveals the 1 thing fathers should never hide

Multitalented artist and host of the nationally syndicated morning show, “Yung Joc and The Streetz Morning Takeover,” encourages fathers to break away from stereotypes and unmask their affection for their children.  In an interview with rolling out, the artist chimes in

vedet coleman-robinson

Vedet Coleman-Robinson: Preserving history, shaping the future

Vedet Coleman-Robinson, Ph.D. is the president and CEO of the Association of African American Museums (AAAM), a mission-driven nonprofit organization committed to protecting and preserving African and African American history and culture. AAAM provides professional development, support and respite for

Path to purpose meditation

Come join us at “Path to Purpose,” a guided meditation brought to you by Peace and Purpose. Through reflective questioning and visualization, you’ll gain insights into what truly motivates and fulfills you, paving the way to a life aligned with

Mindfulness of the present moment meditation

Come join us at “Mindfulness of the Present Moment,” a guided meditation brought to you by Peace and Purpose. This meditation aims to deepen your connection to the present, reducing stress and enhancing your overall sense of peace and fulfillment.


Letting go of fears meditation

Come join us at  “Releasing Fear,” a powerful meditation session brought to you by RollingOut Universe. This meditation aims to cultivate a sense of courage and freedom, allowing you to embrace life’s opportunities without the weight of unnecessary fears. Welcome

Vision of success meditation

Come join us at “Vision of Success,” a guided meditation provided by Peace and Purpose, designed to help you visualize and manifest your future goals. By envisioning your success, you can align your thoughts and actions with your desired outcomes,


Acceptance of change meditation

Come join us at “Acceptance of Change,” a meditation session designed to help you navigate and embrace the inevitable changes that life brings. Offered by RollingOut Universe, this practice guides you through understanding and accepting change, not as a disruption,


Harmony’s embrace meditation

Come join us at “Harmony’s Embrace,” a meditation session presented by RollingOut Universe. Here, you will learn to unify your internal and external worlds, cultivating a state of peace that resonates deeply within and extends outward to your interactions with

Minou Jones

A Mother’s Day stand against tobacco with Minou Jones

Minou Jones, the dynamic founder and CEO of Making It Count, recently addressed a critical issue facing the African American community today—tobacco use and its disproportionate impact on health. In a compelling public service announcement, Jones shares her personal experiences


Garden of gratitude meditation

Come join us at “Garden of Gratitude,” a guided meditation brought to you by RollingOut Universe. This meditation is designed to help you focus on the abundance in your life, enhancing your overall well-being and happiness by recognizing and giving

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