2013 CIAA event guide

The CIAA Tournament is this weekend and the list of events keeps getting longer and longer. Basketball fans and celebrities will be migrating to Charlotte, North Carolina for numerous parties, stepshows, and concerts. Here is a guide for the fun-filled  festivities…

2013 Bronner Bros. Hair Show event guide

For more than 60 years, Bronner Bros. hair and beauty products have set the standard in the beauty industry. Bronner Bros. International Hair Show will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center Feb. 16 through 19, and will feature a plethora of events, seminars and parties If you plan on attending, check out a […]

2013 Bronner Bros. Winter Hair Show afterparty guide

Hair gurus and geniuses will take Atlanta by storm this weekend at the 2013 Bronner Bros. International Hair Show, which will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center. After a day of weave-tastic shows and beauty tips offered by some of the best, those who attend will want to keep up with the excitement […]

Top 10 Video Games for Fall 2012

10. Rock Band 2 Though this musical game remains largely the same the second time around, it does boast an all-new song list with songs by Bob Dylan, Sonic Youth and Tenacious D. Oddly, it’s still easier to play guitar than to master some of these levels.

5 Events Black People Should Attend During the Democratic National Convention 2012

The Democratic National Convention is right around the corner and it’s about time for the extravagant events to commence. The four-day drama starts with Labor day family festivities and ends with President Obama’s acceptance of the Democratic nomination. The week also includes non-political activities for anyone to partake in with easy access. With the convention taking […]

10 Reasons to Attend Summerfest in Milwaukee

Summerfest in Milwaukee is the largest music festival and the older it gets, the more great music it produces. Held along the lakefront, its setting gives a soothing setting to any genre of music. Here are 10 reason you should go to Summerfest in Milwaukee.

Michael Jackson’s 50 Most Memorable Moments (Photos)

Michael Jackson’s 50 Most Memorable Moments (Photos) The King of Pop earned his title on merit and his fans won’t argue against it. Three years after his saddening death, we honor Michael Jackson with these photos of his most memorable moments.

Summer Music Festivals in Detroit

Summer is the perfect time of year for music festivals, food, and fun. Detroit, home of Motown, has a plethora of music festivals to fulfill all of your needs. From Jazz to Country, you name it, they are in the lineup. Take a look at the gallery for festivals you don’t want to miss.

Top Theme Parks in America 2012

Though it was hard to countdown all of the theme parks in America, each and every one of them have a little piece that make them similar in regards to food, fun, and roller coasters. Here is a list of the most popular theme parks of 2012.

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