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Black leaders for Chuy Garcia?

When it was first announced that Jesus “Chuy” Garcia was going to be a candidate for mayor of the city of Chicago, many Chicagoans of varying hues and progressive leanings let out a tempered sound of joy. They believed in

Get write to the point: Chicago emcee K'Valentine

[jwplatform AoFgm9VO] K’Valentine has a lot going on upstairs. While she could easily blend in with a group of high school seniors, she’s a grown woman … believe me.  She’s a writer not a rapper. It’s something she began doing as

The Black and powerless

At what point in time does potential energy become wasted energy and therefore worthy of nobody’s energy at all? That question is one that has perplexed me for some time, both on a personal level and on the community front.

Do men prefer easy women over helpmates?

I hear it from my female friends all of the time: “Why y’all men prefer h–s over helpmates?” “Why are men scared of strong, Black women?” “Why do men date women so much younger than them, when you have so

Why do we hate (on) Iggy Azalea?

It’s interesting to me to watch the commotion around Iggy Azalea and the reactions from people who don’t understand why she catches so much heat. I mean, it should be pretty obvious that Black people are never, ever OK with

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