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Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie welcomes a girl

Sofia Richie has given birth to a baby girl. The 25-year-old model — the daughter of singer Lionel Richie and his ex-wife Diane Alexander —

child support

Why women should legally demand child support

Raising a child is a significant financial undertaking. Whether a single mother or co-parenting with an ex, ensuring a child’s well-being requires stable financial support.


How smoking damages your child’s lungs

Smoking is a harmful habit that affects not only the smoker but also those around them, particularly children. The impact of secondhand smoke on children’s


5 best food choices for a summer picnic

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What to tell your teenager about HPV

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5 reasons not to have a pet

Having a pet can bring joy, companionship and even health benefits to your life. However, it’s essential to consider the responsibilities and potential downsides before


Why having a pet is good for family health

Pets have been an integral part of human society for centuries. From providing companionship to offering emotional support, pets hold a special place in many


7 tips for teenage moms to persevere

Being a teenage mom is incredibly challenging. It requires immense strength and resilience, as well as navigating a complex web of emotions and responsibilities. But

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