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Michele Harrington wants women to use CBD to have more fun in the bedroom

By Christal Jordan / April 16, 2021

US recommends pause on Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccination

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / April 13, 2021

Life coach Diana Byfield offers advice for a strong post-pandemic bounce back

By Kandis Knight / April 10, 2021

Is the way you sleep causing weight gain?

By Kandis Knight / April 10, 2021

Southern AIDS Coalition’s Dafina Ward warns: HIV is still here

By Kandis Knight / April 3, 2021

Indria Gillespie wants you to be the match and save Black lives

By Kandis Knight / April 3, 2021

When Black people vibrate higher, we can save the world

By Kandis Knight / April 3, 2021

Why Black people need to continue connecting with our roots

By Kandis Knight / March 27, 2021

10 ways diabetics can enjoy the summer heat

By Kandis Knight / March 26, 2021

Sea moss: The miracle weed from the ocean that increases libido and more

By Kandis Knight / March 25, 2021

‘U Good?’ Why it’s important to check on your people

By Anissa Blair / March 25, 2021

Couples’ 4-step guide to the health benefits of breast massage

By Kandis Knight / March 20, 2021

Dr. Shanell McGoy leads Gilead’s $100M campaign to eradicate HIV/AIDS

By Terry Shropshire / March 19, 2021

12-step guide to managing your 1st vaccination shot

By Kandis Knight / March 19, 2021

Jamie Foxx stars in new PSAs bringing awareness to colon cancer (video)

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / March 18, 2021

Deon Cole partners with Cottonelle to raise awareness about colorectal cancer

By Porsha Monique / March 17, 2021

Are the ingredients in deodorant making you sick? 

By Kandis Knight / March 16, 2021

7 tips for coping with the switch to daylight saving time

By Kandis Knight / March 15, 2021

10 symptoms of pandemic depression in children and how to conquer it

By Kandis Knight / March 11, 2021

Charlamagne Tha God launches Mental Wealth Alliance foundation

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / February 14, 2021