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Actor Tobias Truvillion offers 5 tips to jump-start your immune system

By Christal Jordan / April 29, 2020

Health experts weigh in on Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision to reopen Georgia

By Terry Shropshire / April 24, 2020
Dr. Tameka Blake

Dr. Tameka Blake details impact of COVID-19

By Munson Steed / April 24, 2020

How to make a face mask without sewing

By Cassidy Sparks / April 22, 2020

NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins promotes diabetes awareness

By Munson Steed / April 21, 2020

HBCU scientist could be 1st to develop antiviral treatment for COVID-19

By A.R. Shaw / April 17, 2020

Dr. LaKesha Legree discusses signs of depression during global health crisis

By Munson Steed / April 14, 2020

‘Rolling out’ Health IQ community town hall forum on COVID-19 tonight, April 14

By Cassidy Sparks / April 14, 2020

Trainer Dolvett Quince discusses diabetes and fitness in the Black community

By Cassidy Sparks / April 14, 2020

‘Rolling out’ Health IQ community town hall forum on COVID-19 tonight, April 7

By Randy Fling / April 7, 2020

Michelle Obama and Kerry Washington ask people to stop buying WIC products

By Terry Shropshire / April 5, 2020

Morehouse graduate Jason K. Panda is in the business of safe sex

By A.R. Shaw / April 3, 2020

Why safe sex is the only option while chilling with your quarantine bae

By A.R. Shaw / March 27, 2020

Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Curves shares what he loves most about women

By Christal Jordan / March 23, 2020
Dr. Stallworth

5 ways to guard your mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

By A.R. Shaw / March 23, 2020

Licensed counselor Latricia Pitts is committed to mental health and healing

By Lerae Funderburg / March 17, 2020

Lana Kerr created CO2LiftV to help women’s lady parts stay youthful and healthy

By Christal Jordan / March 16, 2020

Dr. Hodges and Dr. Ferguson share 3 things about becoming a veterinarian

By Jonell Whitt / March 15, 2020

How top bariatric surgeon Fritz Jean-Pierre is using robotics to treat obesity

By Cassidy Sparks / March 6, 2020

Yes, Black people can contract the coronavirus

By Terry Shropshire / March 3, 2020