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Rashad Richey receives Global Media Icon Award – Fox Soul TV

By Press Release / September 16, 2021

Nursing moms with COVID-19 vaccination could pass protection to babies

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / September 7, 2021

Facebook apologizes for its AI labeling Black men as ‘primates’

By Terry Shropshire / September 6, 2021

Rev. Jesse Jackson’s wife Jacqueline released from hospital after COVID-19 bout

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / September 6, 2021

Lyft and Uber will cover legal fees for Texas drivers sued under abortion law

By Trinity Griffin / September 5, 2021

Black inmate used as guinea pig for unapproved drug without his knowledge

By Randy Fling / September 4, 2021

CDC eviction ban ends and 15 million people at risk of losing their home

By Public Editoial opinions / August 30, 2021

Rashad Richey receives award from White House

By Public Editoial opinions / August 30, 2021

Rev. Jesse Jackson’s wife Jacqueline has been moved to ICU

By Terry Shropshire / August 29, 2021

Black media calls out Biden over $212M vaccine advertising ‘shut out’

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / August 24, 2021

Jesse Jackson and wife Jacqueline hospitalized with COVID-19

By N. Ali Early / August 21, 2021

Candace Owens calls climate change protests ‘Whitest extracurricular activity’

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / August 12, 2021

‘Obama variant’ trends as folks slam ex-president for big birthday bash

By Terry Shropshire / August 9, 2021

Vanessa Bryant settles legal battle with mom

By rolling / August 6, 2021

Shaun King moving out of brand-new lavish home after harassment

By Terry Shropshire / August 5, 2021

Georgia county names Aug. 4 ‘Dr. Rashad Richey Day’

By Rolling Out / August 4, 2021

Fetty Wap asks fans to honor his daughter by posting these specific images

By Randy Fling / August 3, 2021

Caught on camera: Wendy’s manager fired for calling Black employee B-word

By N. Ali Early / August 2, 2021

Instagram influencer Ray Hushpuppi pleads guilty to multimillion-dollar scam

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / July 31, 2021

Ben Crump hired by the family of Henrietta Lacks to sue pharma companies

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / July 30, 2021

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