Celebrities Who Rock Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are cost- effective, easy to apply, and require low maintenance. No need to wonder why clip-in hair extensions are quickly becoming the No.1 choice for adding length, volume and even color to your own hair! Clip-in hair extensions allow you to add as much hair as you want whenever you want. They […]

Boo-licious: Halloween Cocktails With Vodka-Powered Chocolate Milk

Got milk? Adult Chocolate Milk has captured the taste buds of everyday chocolate lovers, who are looking to “re-taste their youth,” tastemakers and celebrities of all backgrounds – from Patti LaBelle and Adrienne Maloof to Lil’ Jon. Adult Chocolate Milk is a cream-based pour-and-serve with premium ingredient: chocolate milk and premium vodka. Here are a few […]