Chanti McCoy: Brooklynite reps for GMG and ‘street-hop’


Chanti McCoy isn’t afraid of anything. The First Lady of GMG is standing at the edge of stardom, and her mix of sex appeal and street-hop has made her one of New York City’s most promising up-and-coming female rappers. If you’re going to roll with a rapper as brash and confrontational as Brooklyn’s Uncle Murda, you better be able to hold your own. And Chanti is more than capable. The rhymer from Coney Island isn’t afraid to make herself heard, especially in the male-dominated world of hip-hop. And she says being around a bunch of street guys has only made her more outspoken.

Uncle Murda previews ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Sweet’ at Daddy’s House

Uncle Murda has been grinding. The brash rapper from East New York hasn’t taken a moment to rest since hitting the industry almost a decade ago. Despite not having released an official studio album since 2006, Murda has dropped mixtape after mixtape, keeping an ear to the street and keeping his fans’ happy with a steady stream of hardcore street-hop. His latest mixtape is Ain’t Nothin’ Sweet, and Murda threw a bash at Daddy’s House recording studios in Manhattan to celebrate the release.