Beyoncé returns to ‘goldilocks’

While shooting an upcoming video on Golden Beach, an exclusive town in Miami, Beyoncé was spotted sporting long tresses, again. Sasha Fierce caused quite a media stir when she revealed her pixie cut. Now, she’s back to being Queen Bey with weave.

Best Beyoncé pixie hair cut memes on Twitter

Whether you love it, hate it or really don’t care, Beyoncé’s new blond pixie hair has sparked many conversations and jokes worldwide. Check out the funniest memes on Beyoncé’s new hair here.

Beyoncé’s new hairdo: Details

Get Beyoncé’s new look Beyoncé’s hair has been all the rage since she posted a picture of her new platinum blonde pixie haircut on Instagram. Queen Bey’s colorist, Rita Hazan, says her cut  is “saying this is who I am. I embrace myself. I’m strong and I’m still sexy.” To achieve the looks, Hazan colored Bey’s […]