Watch what a White officer did to a Black boy over a bag of chips (video)

A video of three White police officers in Syracuse, New York, has gone viral as they forced an 8-year-old Black boy into the back of their vehicle over an alleged bag of stolen chips. On April 18, the video was posted on Twitter as a White male cop is seen holding a Black boy’s arms […]

Charges mount for White woman who ran over Black and Mexican children with SUV

A White woman motivated by her apparent hatred for minorities is in jail for a string of crimes she committed in a 24-hour period. When questioned, Nicole Poole Franklin of Des Moines, Iowa, told police that she charged her SUV at a 14-year-old girl because she “was a Mexican.” It has since been revealed that […]

Chicago cops handcuff a playing child because he fit the description  

If you talk to some older Black men who grew up on the inner city streets of places like New York, Chicago, or Philadelphia in the 1960s-70s, you might hear some of them state that when cops came around, you just ran, even if you didn’t do anything. That was because cops in those cities […]