The Punany Poets creator Jessica Holter discusses ‘The Head Doctor’

Black erotic poetry is growing in popularity as more people of color are feeling free to express themselves sexually. The Punany Poets theater group is a prime example of this expression. Rolling out spoke with Jessica Holter, the writer, and creator of The Punany Poets. Where did the name “The Head Doctor” come from? “The […]

‘No Limits’ writer Ross talks erotica, other taboo topics

Erotica has become increasingly popular reading among many as exploration of one’s sexuality is played out in the pages of popular erotica books such as Fifty Shades of Grey and Zane’s series. But for the Black community, erotica has often been in the shadow of literature despite a growing audience. There is one author who is […]

‘This Can’t Be Life’ book review

Shakara Cannon’s  debut novel “This Can’t Be Life” is an urban masterpiece that will have you glued from beginning to end. It captures the readers with its  jaw-dropping secrets, murder, mystery, romance. You’re easily drawn into the three main characters and the unbreakable friendship shared between them. Here are a few good reasons to pick up […]

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