Herman Cain Blasts Occupy Wall Street as Anti-American; Why He’s Wrong

Herman Cain tore into the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, saying it’s a conspiracy of unions and others to purposely draw the nation’s attention away from Obama’s failed policies. Cain, suddenly one of the leading Republican presidential candidates, laughably characterized the protesters as anti-capitalists and anti-American and said they should unleash their anger on the […]

Herman Cain, a Political Prostitute, Using President Barack Obama to Gain Attention

Herman Cain, when you deduct his often senseless, frothing-at-the-mouth diatribe against President Obama, amounts to little more than white noise and space filler in the Republican presidential race. His statement that Obama was raised in Kenya are tantamount to small cherry bombs that pop off and disappear with little impact. Tragically, the lone black GOP […]