Art Alliance: The Provocateurs partners with artist Shepard Fairey for show in Chicago

In partnership with contemporary artist Shepard Fairey, Lollapalooza 2014 has launched Art Alliance: The Provocateurs in Chicago. One of the largest shows of its kind, Art Alliance is set to feature a range of artists from around the world who will be showcasing their work together for the first time under one roof. Art Alliance will be […]

Hennessy partners with contemporary artist Shepard Fairey for limited edition bottle

For the latest contribution to the artistic series of Hennessy V.S. Limited Edition bottles, the world’s top-selling cognac brand enlisted support of renowned American contemporary artist Shepard Fairey. Inspired by the elegance, tradition, and smoothness of Hennessy cognac, Fairey created a signature bottle design reminiscent of his globally lauded contemporary art. The partnership between Fairey […]