People who actually like Blue Ivy’s hair

Positive comments about Blue Ivy’s hair Although some people have likened Blue Ivy’s hair to that of Coolio and The Weeknd, others are much less critical about Jay Z and  Beyoncé’s daughter’s ‘do. As previously reported,  Beyoncé was shredded on social media after photos of Blue surfaced sporting a new hairstyle. “Why won’t they do […]

Twitter slams Beyoncé over Blue Ivy’s hair, again

Blue Ivy’s hair criticism After new photos of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy hit the Web, social media was flooded with fans once again berating the singer over her daughter’s hair. Back in April a firestorm of controversy erupted after Blue was spotted with her superstar parents in Italy wearing a “messy” Afro. Later Bey posted a picture […]

Beyoncé posts new photo of Blue Ivy with braided hair, Twitter reacts

Blue Ivy’s hair once again sparks controversy A new photo of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s darling daughter is once again sparking ridiculous reactions to the 1-year-old’s hairstyle. Late Tuesday Beyoncé updated her Tumblr and included a shot of Blue Ivy (pictured above) sitting in a mini director’s chair. The chair features her initial and travels worldwide with Blue during […]

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