Alex Rodriguez, 12 others officially suspended from baseball; reactions from social media

It’s finally over. Well, not so fast. Alex Rodriguez and twelve other players have been officially suspended from Major League Baseball, according to numerous outlets with inside sources leaking information from the league offices, including ESPN, USA Today, Fox Sports and others. Of the 12, A-Rod is the lone holdout from accepting the temporary ban. […]

Shaq Disses Chris Bosh, Calls Miami Heat the ‘Big 2’

Shaquille O’Neal is preparing for life as an NBA commentator months before the start of the NBA season. O’Neal, who recently became a member of  “Inside the NBA” on TNT, set the tone of being a controversial commentator by dissing Chris Bosh. When asked his thoughts about the Miami Heat returning to the NBA Finals […]

LeBron James Needs a Championship More Than Any Player in the NBA Finals

LeBron James recognizes pressure. In game one of the 2011 NBA Finals, James played with the focus, emotion and desperation of a man whose livelihood depended on defeating the Dallas Mavericks. Of course, this is the NBA Finals, and every player on the court strives to play at a higher level. But James’ case is […]