Nigerian army reports 200 girls pregnant by Boko Haram

The Nigerian military is in the midst of what so far has been a successful campaign to rescue girls kidnapped by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. However, shocking news has come out regarding the health status of some of the more than 700 girls. According to military sources at least 200 girls are pregnant […]

Hundreds of Nigerian women and children rescued from Boko Haram kidnappers

Nigerian soldiers saved the lives of 275 women and children, including newborns, who were rescued from captivity in the Sambisa Forest, the “headquarters” of the Islamic extremists Boko Haram, who claimed a portion of northeast Nigeria as an Islamic caliphate. They were taken to Yola refugee camp where they are being treated by doctors for […]

Evidence mounts Boko Haram using kidnapped girls as bombers

The terrorist group Boko Haram has increased its violent rampage with a new tool, girls as young as 10 years of age are now being used as bombers. Last week, three young girls were used to detonate bombs in busy market areas, killing dozens of Nigerians. According to the British think tank Chatham House, the […]

Dozens of girls escape from Boko Haram

The hashtag #bringbackourgirls garnered widespread international attention to the plight of schoolgirls kidnapped by terrorist group Boko Haram. Since then, the Nigerian military and various nations including the United States have become involved in searching for the kidnapped girls. Now, word has come out of Nigeria that at least 63 women and girls made a […]

Obama escalates military action in Nigeria

President Obama has ordered a unit of approximately 80 troops to the African nation of Chad. The troops are suspected to be elements of U.S. Special Forces and U.S. Air Force personnel. According to a White House statement, “These personnel will support the operation of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft for missions over northern Nigeria […]

Nigerian villagers take on Boko Haram

The Nigerian government has been greatly embarrassed by their inability to mount any type of military action to rescue the missing girls. Although Nigeria’s economy is now ranked number one in Africa, it cannot deal with the Muslim north of the country and the terrorist group Boko Haram. But, Nigerian villagers apparently can. Earlier this […]

‘Bring Back Our Girls’ campaign soars; top celebrity supporters

  The Bring Back Our Girls campaign on Instagram went from educated followers posting promotional memes to celebrity stars lending their support with their own custom photos. While all of our efforts may not directly impact the safe return of the adbucted Nigerian schoolgirls, our messages not only brings awareness to the issue, but also shows solidarity […]

Kidnapped Nigerian girls’ names released: Speak their names, pray for them

#BringBackOurGirls This past Saturday, May 3, 2014, this writer joined one of the many vigils taking place across the country to rally and pray for the safe return of the Nigerian girls kidnapped in Chibok Government Girls Secondary School, an elite academy of both Muslim and Christian girls, mid-April 2014. We met at the Tupac […]

Women support ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ campaign on Instagram

  Today women and men across the world will gather in solidarity with the hope that our country and other powerful nations will help the people of Nigeria find the missing school girls that were abducted early last week. While many of our friends and favorite celebrities helped spread the message with their #BringBackOurGirls Instagram […]

Bring Back Our Girls! Support Nigeria with Instagram memes

  As the U..S media rips Donald Sterling to shreds and focuses on sexy celebrities going nude for the camera, 234 young girls were abducted from their school in the town of Chibokk, Nigeria, nearly two weeks ago. Though it took a while for the news to spread, social media platforms like Instagram immediately responded […]