Brittish Williams dishes on ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’

Brittish Williams spills on her “Basketball Wives L.A.” fame  “Basketball Wives L.A.’s” youngest star is unfazed by the criticism sent her way every Monday in 140 characters or less. Instead of taking digital digs to heart, Brittish Williams is using her time on television to her advantage. Below, this saucy starlet dishes on her boutique and her […]

Who is Brittish Williams? Photos of ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’s’ newest cast member

Brittish Williams’ photos  On today’s premiere of “Basketball Wives L.A.” season 3, Brittish Williams will make her debut on reality television. The shoe designer and fiancée of overseas basketball superstar Lorenzo Gordon is a St. Louis native with a love for fashion and an outspoken personality. According to her reality TV co-stars, she’s “loud, ghetto and […]