Kevin Hart gives Spelman students tips on becoming financially literate

Comedian and Chase ambassador Kevin Hart is known for laughing at his pain, including financial pains. Hart has partnered with Chase to promote Hart of It All, a series encouraging people to spend moderately. Hart is encouraging people to learn more about how to handle their money and financial health. On Sept. 22, Hart visited […]

8 free apps for budgeting finances

Sometimes we all need a little help keeping track of our finances. While some can afford to pay others big bucks to do it for them, most cannot and rely on banks. There are tons of apps that can help you take control of your own budgeting right in the palm of your hand. Many of […]

Last-minute tips to stay on budget during the holiday season

Hopefully, by this point, you have knocked your Christmas shopping out of the way. For those of you who will be pushing it to the limit to get shopping done, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just because you’re busting down the doors as time ticks away, doesn’t mean you have to blow a whole […]

#MoneyMondays: Looking to the past to build a better financial future

When we take control of our finances, which is tantamount to taking control of our lives, we are able to experience a more care-free and less stressful existence. We are also able to really be a blessing to our families and future generations. To get my mind in the right place and get control of […]

Millennials: Set a budget that you can really stick to

Millennials are typically those who are born between 1982-2004 and are said to be the generation with the most consumer debt. Student loans and credit card balances lead the categories of debts owed. Ironically, many of these millennials have great jobs and own successful businesses but are having problems with their personal finances and paying […]

Learn to manage your budget in under 3 minutes

[jwplatform gSn6vRyS] For sure, 2017 brings an opportunity for a fresh start. Motivation should be on everyone’s vision board – with a new government forming, having a plentiful savings account is more critical now than ever. Today, I am going to show a few quick tips on how to manage your budget for the new […]

5 tips on how to prevent a ho-ho-hole in your wallet

‘Tis the season to ball out of control at the mall for our loved ones — and ourselves. The last few months of the year are hectic as we slave for overtime at work while maxing out our credit cards; all to ensure an ideal holiday season. Visions of new home furnishings and designer thigh-high […]

Reset: Simple New Year’s resolutions to help you conquer 2016

Create a budget Locking in a realistic budget can be tricky. Thankfully, the internet offers a few good budgeting tools like or The big hurdle is focusing on your hopes and dreams in 2016. Keep in mind, you are setting goals based on where you’d like to live, work, whether or not to […]

ComEd’s ‘Smart Grid’ will save you money

Power is something we all seek to have. We want to be in control of our families, finances, career, and even our utilities. ComEd is making that happen for consumers with their new Smart Grid. So what are the factors that make a grid “smart”? According to ComEd, “in the same way that today’s smart […]

Billionaire Bruce Rauner gets ‘gangsta’ with Illinois’ poor and working class

Don’t say I didn’t’ warn you. Before last November’s gubernatorial election, I wrote a piece that questioned whether big business principles translated into effective governance for everyday people.  Judging from Bruce Rauner’s first budget proposal, the answer is a resounding no. Now, we clearly understand that Rauner fully expects to get pushback about the draconian […]

Financially savvy women don’t bust their ‘essential’ budget buying Louis Vuitton

On average, women are more independent and financially literate than ever before, says Lance Drucker, CEO and president of the New York City-based Drucker Wealth Management, (, a firm that specializes in empowering women to make sound financial decisions. On the other hand, Prudential’s eighth biennial study titled Financial Experience & Behavior Among Women recently revealed […]

Massive spending bill passed to keep government open

With all the distractions with the recent protests this week, many Americans missed the passage of a huge spending bill. The bill was literally passed in the dark hours of the night with little fanfare but a lot of controversy. The new bill has been nicknamed the cromnibus spending bill because it is a combination […]

A talk with the president of the National PTA, Otha E. Thornton

Otha Thornton is a trailblazer in American education. He is the first black man ever elected to hold the position of president in the more than 100 year history of the organization. Rolling out spoke with Thornton about education issues and the role of the National PTA. What are the biggest challenges facing local schools that […]

Food for thought: Eating on a healthy budget

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you’re restricted to ordering from your local dollar menu. Here are some tips for buying, cooking and eating healthier foods without breaking the bank. Purchase foods that are light on your wallet but still healthy and nutritious. Examples: beans and lentils, brown rice, soups, fresh veggies and […]

5 ways to save on Father’s Day gifts

It’s not always about how much you spend. Father’s Day is a great time to tell dad “Thanks.”Give dad a great gift without breaking the bank or your pockets. Just showing dad how much you care and appreciate him will mean just as much.  Check out a few ways to make dads day while keeping […]

America’s 10 largest banks get more from taxpayers than sequester cuts

On March 1, unless something happens inside the Beltway that has not happened in the past five years — compromise and cooperation, President Obama will officially order the “sequestration” — an across-the-board set of budget cuts totaling $1.2 trillion from defense and non-defense spending over the course of the next 10 years. The funny thing […]

What sequestration means for African Americans

In nine days, the U.S. government enact automatic spending cuts due to what is called sequestration. Specifically speaking, the sequester refers to the drastic and severe budget cuts that are set to happen on March 1 if the White House and Congress cannot not find some common ground on the budget. For African Americans, it […]

Diet plan: 5 easy ways to eat healthy on a budget

Healthy food is expensive and unhealthful food is cheap — that’s why we’re all so fat, right? The cost of food is one complaint that many share. Trying to eat healthily can cost even more. Here are a few tips to help you eat healthily while not going broke.

Passion for Travel: Exploring the World Within Your Budget

My first trip out of the U.S. spawned my passion for travel. At 17, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Finland as part of the Youth for Understanding program. While I’d traveled to Disney World and lots of other road trips growing up, my trip to Finland was not only my first time traveling abroad but also my very first time on an airplane. In Finland, I was initially out […]