Favorite summer foods that pack on the pounds

While summer offers some of the best fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, there’s nothing like a grilled hotdog or burger fresh off the grill.  However, some of these summer favorites can do a number on your diet plan, as well as, waist line. See which summer foods will pile on he pounds if not eaten […]

Diet plan: What to eat before a workout

If you normally eat a healthy diet and are getting enough calories to support your activity level, you can probably rely on your own appetite, energy levels, and experience to tell you whether you need to eat anything before or after exercise and what it should be.  However, morning workouts are a little different. After sleeping […]

Can Black Folk Afford to Eat This?

Sure, Americans like their cheese. From cream cheese to Brie to Gouda to processed cheese food, we appreciate cheese. But,  one restaurant chain may have broken the mold with its culinary machinations. No matter how much African Americans like cheese, can they afford to eat Denny’s new Mac n’ Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt: A […]

Bringing Your ‘A Game’: Top Tips to Score High at Health, Fitness

Ahhh… the warmth of spring! Are you happily hanging up tanks and capris, or are you secretly wishing you could go back to January and restart your New Year’s resolution? Either way, you can still make improvements to get the look you desire by this summer. Use these handy tips to bring your “A game” […]