Blush Fashion Masquerade

The Blush Fashion Masquerade was held at the Yacht Club Social Network inside the Russel Industrial Center in Detroit. Michelle Bundy, with the support from Brian Walker created this event so that people would see a different side of fashion from those individuals who may not be in the in-crowd but should definitely be known. […]

Chanté Moore on ‘R&B Divas’: ‘What you saw is what happened’

Chanté Moore has been an R&B mainstay since the mid-1990s, but the Grammy-nominated songstress took her name and fame to a completely different audience this year when she joined the cast of TV One’s hit series “R&B Divas.” Having wrapped the season and having released her latest album, Moore Is More, Chanté Moore spoke to RO about the experience and whether or not she has any regrets.