Pan Pan the panda famous for 131 descendants dies in captivity at 31

The animal world is not immune to celebrity deaths. In 2016, we saw the tragic shooting death of Harambe the gorilla and now it has been announced that Pan Pan the panda died after a battle with cancer. The panda is famous for siring many pandas in captivity and is credited as having at least 131 panda […]

Killer of Cecil the lion returns to work

Walter Palmer, the hunter who killed Cecil the Lion, returned to work at his dental practice. Many people felt he was in hiding since killing Cecil the Lion in July. Palmer claims he was not hiding but rather just keeping a low profile. He claims to have been hanging out with family and friends that actually […]

Farrakhan speaks on Cecil the lion and the killers of Black men

[jwplatform TfL7ZYug] The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan appeared on Pastor Jamal Bryant’s cable TV show and spoke about Cecil the lion.  The video shows the disproportionate attention given to the killer of the lion in relation to the killers of Black men.