Warning issued as Chagas, disease spread by ‘kissing bug,’ spreads in U.S.

Almost two years after rolling out first told readers about a deadly disease spread by an insect, public health officials are declaring that the problem has gotten worse. The Chagas disease — also known as American trypanosomiasis — is a potentially life-threatening illness spread by insects known as triatomine bugs. Also known as kissing bugs, […]

Is Chagas disease the new AIDS?

There is a new disease that is spreading across the U.S. that mimics the symptoms of HIV infection called Chagas. The disease is carried by an insect known as triatomes. The insect is also known by the name kissing bugs, assassin bugs, cone-nosed bugs, and reduviid bugs and many species of these insects are prevalent […]

Chagas Disease Being Called ‘New AIDS of the Americas’

Just when scientist have started make major inroads in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS related morbidity and mortality, a new threat, which has actually been around for more than a century is on the rise and is just as infectious and deadly — Chagas disease. In a lengthy editorial published in PLoS Neglected Tropical […]