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Jury convicts Charleston church shooter

After weeks of agonizing testimony from victims and graphic evidence racist Dylann Roof has been found guilty. Roof gunned down nine members of Mother Emmanuel

How Obama’s eulogy provided a glimmer of hope to South Carolina

While America’s conscious appeared to be fixated on the steps of the Supreme Court, President Barack Obama carved out a heartfelt eulogy firmly shifting the conversation back to race relations. The people of South Carolina were certainly thankful, and shared as much with our on-the-ground reporter, James Benton.

President Obama sings ‘Amazing Grace’ during eulogy in Charleston

President Obama gave a stunning eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney and the other victims of the racist terror attack at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He further caused the crowd to stand when he began singing the gospel hymn “Amazing Grace.”

White America has to face the culture that created Dylann Roof

Black people are supposed to serve as White supremacy’s conscience — delivering enlightening and informative dissertations about why racism is bad. But Black people didn’t create Dylann Roof — White supremacist culture created Dylann Roof.

Black pain and Charleston

Black pain in the wake of the Charleston church massacre The crowds gathered around Emanuel AME Church were a mix of Black and White, all

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