Chris Brown sends eerie tweet in response to seizure episode

Is Chris Brown consciously and subconsciously emulating his musical hero, Michael Jackson, for both good and bad? There are undoubtedly some raised eyebrows after bad boy Breezy posted this spooky thought on Twitter in light of the seizure he suffered inside a Los Angeles studio, as first reported by fellow RO scribe Stereo Williams. While […]

Chris Brown rages against rivals and Rihanna on Twitter

Perhaps venting out of frustration and fear that he is constantly under investigation and could go to prison on a couple of Los Angeles County cases — plus he’s irritated by haters and fakers — Chris Brown rages on social media about his entertainment rivals and possibly Rihanna. According to media reports, Breezy has a […]

Chris Brown has another vulgar Twitter meltdown

Chris Brown goes volcanic on yet another person using the familiar format of Twitter to vent his rage. I know you are shocked. This time, the intended targets of Breezy’s drive-by tweets is his management team, whose tardiness in releasing the singer’s album sent Karrueuche Tran’s boyfriend into a tailspin of emotions.