AP.9 shows proof of sexual relations with Coco (photos)

You cannot name  a single hit song that irrelevant rapper AP.9 has produced. But this unscrupulous kiss-and-tell artist has managed to remain in the news by peddling smut on the airwaves featuring Ice T’s wife, Coco Marrow. AP went on KMEL radio and whipped out proof that there was sexual relations between AP and the […]

Celebrity women AP.9 claims to have had sex with

In fellow scribe Todd Williams’ hilarious feature, 10 rappers we wish would go away, he listed “pop culture bottom feeder” and pseudo rapper AP.9. He’s been trying desperately to crank up the engine of his hip hop career by posting scandalous photos of him and Ice T’s wife, Coco, in cyberspace and talking to media […]

AP.9 posts more photos of Ice T’s wife Coco in the club

This is worse than having no shame. Rapper AP9 is being blatantly disrespectful as well as acting desperate. AP9 has posted more photos on social media of himself and Coco, who is another man’s wife — who, of course, happens to be Ice T — and using the blonde bimbo to promote his fledgling career, regardless […]

Coco before and after plastic surgery

As we suspected, Coco Marrow was always a very “thirsty” girl, meaning that she has always lusted after attention. When it comes to fame, Coco is like a crack addict — she has to have it. For years, she has been trying to leverage the platform that her marriage to Ice T has provided in […]