Deon Cole partners with Cottonelle to raise awareness about colorectal cancer

Comedian and actor Deon Cole has partnered with Cottonelle and the nonprofit organization BLKHLTH to raise awareness about colorectal cancer. In its inaugural year, Cottonelle has committed to donating $750,000 to BLKHLTH to reach Black people with critical information about the disease. Rolling out recently sat down with Cole to discuss the partnership, the importance […]

Drinking alcohol is linked to mouth, throat, breast, colorectal cancers

New research underscores the need to drink responsibly. The American Society of Clinical Oncology reports alcohol causes more than 5 percent of cancers and cancer deaths and advises that drinking one or fewer drinks a day for women and two or fewer drinks a day for men greatly reduces the development of these cancers. Alcohol […]

Children’s book author Sherri Graves Smith discusses her creative process

What inspired you to write your first book? I evolved into becoming an author. I was an attorney with the Coca-Cola Company with the intent of retiring from there. For many years, I volunteered reading to children and tutoring children in reading who lived in homeless shelters or who were in underserved communities. In November, […]