‘Dandy Lion: (Re) Articulating Black Masculine Identity’ a must see exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography

Dandy Lion: (Re) Articulating Black Masculine Identity exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography is outstanding! The dignified role of African American and African men is encapsulated in the majestic tapestry that catapults the viewer onto a cultural journey. The images leap off the walls and pay homage to regal pageantry. Dandy Lion molds the idea of heritage […]

Keith Purvis of The Junction Group talks new film, ‘Travis & Tabitha’

Keith Purvis has worked as a film editor and motion designer for various videos and short films, including Peep Game (2003), a film featured at the Black Hollywood Film Festival, and Reversal of Fortune (2004), one of the films picked for the Russell Simmons Def Filmmaker Competition. ONLINE, another short film Purvis wrote, directed and produced, […]

Multitalented artist B. Marie talks art, inspiration, and the strength of women

Versatile artist Brittany M. Baker, aka B.Marie, was always an ambitious kid. The 20-something artist says she literally wanted to be every profession under the sun (except the president, a math teacher or a stripper, even though it takes great upper body strength to be a stripper). When she thought she wanted to be a lawyer she invested […]

Celebrity stylist Aaron Christmon on Beyoncé vs. Rihanna: Which is a fashion icon?

Fashion is what you purchased the other day from All Saints on Chicago’s famed Michigan Avenue. Style is what combined your gray Yosa sweater with the Pitch biker jacket, silver Restrain hot pants and the Manifest boot. Rolling out had an opportunity to chat with personal stylist Aaron Christmon. Christmon is a fashion enthusiast who […]